How Does One Day Car Insurance Work?

Car insurance is a very familiar thing for anyone driving on the road daily or even occasionally but one day car insurance may still appear new to your ears these days. What exactly is a one day car insurance? How can you get the full advantage of this type of insurance for all your travel plans for both business and personal activities? Is this right for you?

One Day Car Insurance Explained

One day auto insurance obviously covers your vehicle or trip for a single day. This is an innovative approach to the regular policy that people usually pay on a yearly basis. The difference actually lies on the way you travel or the number of times you use your car on the road.

If you are using your car for work each day, then you surely have signed up for an annual car insurance policy with your chosen features and coverage that suits your needs best. You will even wonder what good one day car insurance can do to you with your current lifestyle. This can actually help you during an unplanned trip, short vacations or travel plans that are not covered with your current annual plan.

How it Works

The good thing with this car insurance for a single day is that you will only have to pay for the day your vehicle is covered by the insurer. This simply means that you actually get a lot of savings as compared to your annual insurance policy. It comes with lower premium and less additional charges on your part since you will only have your car insured for a day or two. You do not even have to own a car to avail this auto insurance for a single day.

This is ideal if you are going to travel to another state or country that is not covered by your regular insurance package. Either you have the option to get your car or any rented vehicle registered for this kind of special insurance or even a short term insurance plan that matches your travel modes. For example, if you have your old SUV, truck and a new sports car on your garage and you want to use the new sports car in traveling to another state that is not covered by its annual insurance policy, then you would normally get one day insurance for your convenience.

You can even rent a car while you are in another country and find the best deals in getting it insured for a single day or two based on the available options that come with the car rental company you are dealing with. The stuff works as simply as you can imagine. You just have to figure things out ahead then find the best quotes online and pay for your best choice. You can upload/download all necessary documents after paying then go out of the road safely and travel conveniently without any hassle. Enjoy all the remarkable benefits of one day car insurance in action.

One Day Bahamas Cruise – A Short Fun-Filled Perfect Vacation

Thousands of tourists go on a cruise to the Bahamas each year for diverse purposes. Unquestionably, this has something to do with the fantastic climate and the magnificent beaches. People flock to the Bahamas to keep away from the pressures of work or school. Some want to relax and have fun while others just want to meet new friends and see the sites. Whatever your intentions in taking a holiday to the Bahamas, one day cruising is a magnificent option to have that perfect getaway you have been looking for.

Bahamas are renowned for its shorter cruises. One day cruises are popular packages by the different cruise lines the whole year round due to its convenience and its temperate weather conditions. Nassau and Freeport, two of the wonderful ports of call of Bahamas itineraries, are bustling ports with plenty of things to offer for its visitors. Due to its proximity to the United States, Bahamas cruises may leave at any given time of the week.

If you are into a one day Bahamas cruise, you can search online for cruises that offer for such deals and get it cheaper. A day aboard a Cruise Ship gives you the chance to experience all the fun and excitement of a cruise travel. Your roundtrip travel may include all the amenities, charges and taxes, meals and dinner while you are onboard. On board these cruise ships are Las Vegas style casinos where passengers who love to gamble may engage in. Various recreational activities and live entertainments are also scheduled for the duration of the trip. Most of the activities normally take place in the ship with only a shorter time for shore excursions.

You will also be pleased to know that these Bahamas cruise deals offer plenty of activities for the whole family. Aside from casinos, Broadway type of entertainment and high-tech spas, these package deals also offer various entertainment for kids of all ages. And it is a guarantee that for any Bahamas cruise deal, you will certainly dine on a marvelous dining cuisine. While your ship docks, you may be permitted to roam around the nearby shore, see the sights and buy new things for souvenirs. You will just be advised to return on the time specified in the cruise itinerary.

Because of the island’s nearness to the United States, you can already achieve a fun-filled day in a trip to the Bahamas. This one day Bahamas cruise is the cheapest and the best option for a shorter travel to the islands. Though a bit short, you still will acquire a full package of your travel akin to that of a longer cruise.

Ideal for a brief tropical holiday, the Bahamas provides the whole lot that the Bahamas islands are admired for. The beautiful white sandy beaches, stimulating shore excursions and extravagant shopping could bring treasured memories. Even on a single day cruise, the Bahamas can provide the best cruise that you can experience.

Best of Lisbon – A One Day Walking Tour

If you travel to Lisbon for the very first time, you are probably eager to see as many of the great sights the city has to offer as possible. Lisbon is one of the most romantic European Metropolises and surely one of the most beautifully situated cities in the world- nostalgic and modern at the same time. The following places are a must, if you want to explore its incredible atmosphere during your holiday. First of all it is advisable to buy a ‘Lisbon’ Card which gives you flexibility and saves you time and money. It offers discounted prices on all public transport within the city as well as museums, shopping and much much more. Alternatively for transport alone, buy the ‘Sete Colinas’ card at the Metro Station, for 50cents, allowing access to all public transport, ‘top up’ the card for the day, or days depending on your stay.

  1. Start at Martim Moniz Square. There is a metro station of the same name, so it is easy to find. From there you catch the tram no. 28 which will take you to the old quarters of the city, Graça and Alfama. It is an interesting ride with many memorable views. The tram stops very often and you can just get off and look around if you see something that interests you. This way you can stay at one of the many ‘Miradouros’, the viewing platforms, a little longer, and catch the next tram which run very regularly. So take your time, stroll through the pretty little streets and enjoy the old part of Lisbon. When the tram reaches the Miradouro de Santa Lucia hop off and take the opportunity to see and enjoy the spectacular view.
  2. On the other side of the street you will see a sign which points to Castelo de São Jorge. Follow the sign and walk up the relatively steep hill, but the beautiful view from the castle over Lisbon will compensate for your efforts- It is simply breathtaking! (If you do not want to walk up or down the hill you can travel by bus number 37) A coloured map helps you with the orientation as you really can see everything: The Old town of Lisbon, Tejo-bay, 24th April Bridge, Christ the King Statue across the waters with His arms outstretched – it really IS worth every moment. Lets continue.
  3. The next stop is the cathedral of Lisbon. Go back down to Miradouro de Santa Lucia and keep walking downhill from there. The cathedral (Sé) will appear on your left. It was built in 1147 on the ruins of a Moorish Mosque, after the recapture from the Moors by King Afonso Henriques. Still today, its two massive towers make it look like a fortress which guards the city. The entrance is free but if you also want to visit the old convent and museum you have to pay 2 EUR.
  4. And on to Lisbon’s beautiful city centre. Walk further down and you will reach the Praça do Comercio. Before a big earthquake in 1755 this was the King’s palace. Today a statue of King Afonso is watching the city from here. Turn right and you can stroll through the “Baixa” quarter. Thanks to the chequered built streets it is easy to find your way through the Baixa which invites for some looking around and lots of shopping. A great place is the Chiado Shopping Centre, which was rebuilt after the big fire in the 1980’s in Lisbon. The front survived the fire and the building is extremely picturesque. Here you’ll find a broad variety of stores.
  5. A thing you cannot miss in this area is the ‘Elevator Santa Justa’. It is a wonderful way to cover one of Lisbon’s height differences and on the top you have two viewing platforms and a café from where you can see the whole old town, this time from the other side. You will recognise the Castelo and the Sé Cathedral up on the hills. A bridge leads you to the partly destroyed but still impressive Convento de Carmo where today an archaeological museum is set.
  6. The tour is coming to an end now, and from the convent follow the street to your right down the hill and you will arrive at Rossio Square. It is the centre of the town and has been for a long time. Until the end of the last century it was used for bullfights and long before that witches were burnt here. Today it is vibrating with life and culture, a great place to look and stroll around. Up the road you will find the Praça dos Restauradores. Here you should catch the Elevator da Gloria. It will take you up the hill to Bairro Alto, Lisbon’s famous nightlife district. Here, in one of the many restaurants and bars you can enjoy the end of a great day in Lisbon with a cup of Portuguese wine and some “mariscos”, the typical Portuguese seafood.

Lisbon is a great city and one day is not enough to experience all of it. You still should reserve some time on another day to visit the famous quarters of Belém and travel to the romantic, even fairytale-like castle in Sintra. But this walking tour gives you a very good impression of Lisbon. It leads you to the most important spots and is a great beginning for your holiday.