One Day Cruise – A Welcome Break From Routine Daily Activities

Not all the people in this world have so much time and money to go on a long cruise. For them a one day cruise is a welcome break from their hectic schedule. These cruises are best for those who want to enjoy sightseeing instead of a long traditional cruise. For occasions like a wedding anniversary or birthday party or to enjoy a relaxed day after hectic work, a one day cruise is a perfect vacation; an inexpensive fun filled day in your life.

A one day cruise does not involve too much of traveling; Instead it is all about spending quality time to relax and visit nearby places of tourist interest. One of the most popular one day cruises are those that leave Fort Lauderdale to go to the Bahamas. Most of the se cruises allow you to visit exotic beaches, or relax in the natural surroundings away from the hurly-burly of city life. For those who want to stay on board on the cruise, there are spas, pools, media as well as fitness centers or live entertainment.

One day cruises are for people who are looking for fun and entertainment. These people want to have refreshing break from studies or work or monotonous routine. These cruises are good when taken during weekend so that you can spend your spare time in the most refreshing way at the most affordable price. These cruises are much cheaper than conventional cruises. You can expect lots of partying on a one day cruise.

You can lie on the deck of the ship for sun bathing or in hot tubs to ease out tired body or sit on the deck to have a pleasant view of sea around. Though there are scheduled events in a one day cruise you can stay away from those activities to have your own set of interested activities. Since you are going to be away from home for one day only, you don’t need to carry too much of luggage for this type of cruise.

If you want to spend great time with your family and friends then a one day cruise will allow you to dine and wine with your near ones. You can dance with music and get entertainment to the fullest. You can make friends by meeting new people on the cruise.

The great thing about these cruises is the food served. You will have variety of food with exceptional taste. Multi cuisine food will satisfy your taste buds for sure. Various – seafood, chicken, Chinese, Italian delicacies, are served and you can enjoy various tastes. A one day cruise is for sure one of the best and affordable mini vacations.

Airline Travel – Can I Get a US Passport in One Day?

Getting a US passport in one day is possible. However, several factors have to be right for this to happen. This article will provide the information necessary for applicants to obtain a passport in only 24 hours.

The only location that same day passports are issued is at the U.S. Department of State’s regional agencies. These are located in major cities of the United States. The current agencies can be found in San Francisco, LA and Seattle on the West coast. On the East coast agencies are located in Boston and New York. There are several in the South including Tucson, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans and Miami. Up North, agencies can be found in Minneapolis and Detroit.

Since the agencies are located in specific locations, the first factor that must be right for you to get a passport in one day is that you need to live relatively close to one of the agencies. Otherwise you would have to factor in the time it takes to travel to the agency or mail delivery time if you decided to apply through a professional expediting service. While the application itself could still be processed in one day, the total time it takes to get the passport would be longer.

Another factor that affects the time it takes to get a passport is whether an appointment is available at the agency you wish to visit. The State Department “requires” applicants to schedule an appointment by calling 1-877-487-2778. Oftentimes, no appointment is available for a few days from the date of the call. This is especially true during peak travel periods when the demand for passports increases significantly.

The word require is placed in quotation marks because it is not uncommon for American citizens to appear at a regional passport agency without an appointment. While the agency is not obligated to attend you if you do this, many travelers have obtain passports in one day by doing this. Since you will not have an appointment confirmation number, you must present your Social Security card. So, do not forget to take it.

What can you do to get a passport in one day if you do not live near a regional agency? The solution is to authorize a private expediting service to submit the application for you. They have both experience and a standing appointment with the regional agencies. An expediter can also be used if you live near a regional agency but are unable to personally go due to work or other commitments.

In summary, the place to get a passport expedited quickly is at a regional passport agency. You can submit the application yourself or get an expediter to do it. Either way, you can get a US passport in one day.

One Day Bahamas Cruise Aboard a Discovery Cruise Ship

If you are deciding on a short perfect vacation, a birthday celebration, a wedding anniversary or a crucial meeting, or any exceptional affair, you might wish to reflect on a pleasant one day cruise to Grand Bahamas Island aboard the Discovery Cruise Ships.

A one day Bahamas cruise onboard the Discovery Liner offers everyone a chance to enjoy a lot more of your Bahamas escapade into a single fun-filled day for a portion of the price. This is one of the finest, most inexpensive means to take a trip to Freeport, Grand Bahamas. One will certainly enjoy an excellent breakfast buffet as you sail to Freeport,Grand Bahamas and a sumptuous dinner as you travel back to Fort Lauderdale. There are lots of leisure activities, live recreation and a Las Vegas inspired casino aboard. On a one day cruise most of the activities transpire on the ship. It is a whole day party setting that ends well at night. Discovery Cruise ship, which specializes in these passages, grants you merely three hours to travel around Freeport before going back home.

Those who are searching for economical cruises to the Bahamas, a one day cruise might still prove to be fun and enjoyable. You can still enjoy the allure of the islands even for just a whole day. You can still roam around the city to shop and enjoy the scenery even for a limited period of time. Most likely you will still have the time to walk barefoot along the pristine beaches of the Grand Bahamas or laze around for a little while. Since your time to explore the island is limited, you will likely have a grand vacation since there are lots of entertainment aboard the Discovery cruise ship as you head for home.

Discounted Discovery cruise packages to the Bahamas allow their commuters to cruise to at least one island for an overnight exploration. In fact Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas is another one day cruise port of call which is just merely fifty miles off of Florida. This is where tourists mostly explore and shop on offshore. If you are simply looking for a little bit of relaxation, there are onboard pools, spas, media and fitness centers and live entertainment while on board the cruise ships.

Brief cruises to the Bahamas highlight several stimulating destinations with stopover either in Freeport, Grand Bahamas Island or Nassau because of its nearness to Florida. The ports offer lots of enjoyable excursions, tours, and land activities that introduce the native cuisine and customs of these places. The cruise ships permits their passengers to have a trek on the islands but you must stick within the scheduled activities offered by the cruise lines. Tourists realize that these cruises provide the best deals and bargains for their cash. These cruises work well with singles, families and group of friends.

The fun and excitement never ends even on a one day Bahamas cruise since Discovery cruise ships provide on board activities 24 hours everyday. From internet cafes, spas, casinos, live entertainment and other fun activities at the least rates. These cruises are a remarkable means to travel on cruise ships and experience everything they have to offer to their passengers.