Accidents and One Day Car Insurance

You just had an accident in the new truck you borrowed from you brother-in-law, and you are so thankful you listened to the sensible advice you were given by someone and bought the one day car insurance. Whether you have ever been in a car accident or this is your first one, there are certain steps to take, information to gather and details that must be attended to which are very important to the eventual outcome of the incident. These are things that need to be taken of care any time an accident occurs regardless whether you are covered by your regular insurance in your own vehicle, or were driving someone else’s car or truck and you have a special one day car insurance policy.

The list of things you need to do is long and everything on it is important whether you think it applies to you or not. Following protocol now will make things easier in the long run regardless if the policy you are filing a claim on is a semiannual long-term insurance policy or it is a one day car insurance rider.

1. Contact your carrier immediately. The only exception would be if you or your passengers are seriously injured and you need immediate medical attention, otherwise your agent should be the first person you tell when you are involved in an accident and the injuries are minor, not life threatening.

2. Go over your policy with a fine tooth comb, reading all the exceptions and fine print.

3. Get all the details. Talk to any witnesses, being certain to get their names telephone numbers and addresses. Take as many pictures of the accident scene and the damages done, not only to your vehicle, but if there other cars involved, record the damages done and injures suffered. Be your own personal CSI so nothing important is left to chance.

4. Document their insurance information. Take down their insurance company’s name, the policy number and the contact information.

5. Keep as complete record of all conversations and dealings with everyone involved. You might feel a little uncomfortable making audio or video recording of all interactions with either insurance company, with the other driver involved, or with the claims department, but this is your best defense when building a strong case.

6. Keep an exact and detailed accounting of all bills or expenses for filing your insurance claim.

7. Be honest and upfront with the claims adjuster. Leaving out some details or exaggerating the cost and loss would be grounds for dismissal of your claim due to fraud. Point out that you made a responsible choice when you purchased one day car insurance, when so many people don’t think it’s important or necessary.

8. Review all existing insurance policies before you file with the claims adjuster.

9. Don’t automatically blame yourself for causing the accident if the incident report is unclear where all the blame might lie. Leave that up to their investigators, interpreting all the facts to decide the party responsible for the accident is their job.

10. Submit nothing in writing to either insurance agency pertaining to details yet undetermined by the experts, because you can’t take it back.

11. File your claim in a timely fashion. This is NOT the time to procrastinate. All companies vary in the time allowed to submit an accident claim. Find out right away what your window of opportunity to file is and get it done!

12. Never accept their first offer or agree with their findings, until you have all the details and estimates of damages and the cost of repairs, Definitely get your own estimates done by an independent third-party. Sadly, your own insurance company is going to want to pay the least possible amount of money, because after all they are still in business to make money, not friends.

13. DO NOT SIGN any legal documents until you consult an attorney!

14. Never accept and or cash a check from the insurance company as a partial payment or final settlement until you are absolutely satisfied that is fair compensation for your trouble. You won’t be given a second chance to get all that you deserve.

It is a wise person indeed that has the foresight to actually go out and buy a one day car insurance policy when they are planning to use a car or truck that doesn’t belong to them. There are very few things that happen as you are traveling along the road of life can mess up your routine like being involved in a car accident unless you are an uninsured motorist who is driving someone else’s ride. You think dealing with the details of the claims and process are tough, the consequences are nothing compared to breaking the law and driving without insurance.

One Day Bahamas Cruise Aboard a Discovery Cruise Ship

If you are deciding on a short perfect vacation, a birthday celebration, a wedding anniversary or a crucial meeting, or any exceptional affair, you might wish to reflect on a pleasant one day cruise to Grand Bahamas Island aboard the Discovery Cruise Ships.

A one day Bahamas cruise onboard the Discovery Liner offers everyone a chance to enjoy a lot more of your Bahamas escapade into a single fun-filled day for a portion of the price. This is one of the finest, most inexpensive means to take a trip to Freeport, Grand Bahamas. One will certainly enjoy an excellent breakfast buffet as you sail to Freeport,Grand Bahamas and a sumptuous dinner as you travel back to Fort Lauderdale. There are lots of leisure activities, live recreation and a Las Vegas inspired casino aboard. On a one day cruise most of the activities transpire on the ship. It is a whole day party setting that ends well at night. Discovery Cruise ship, which specializes in these passages, grants you merely three hours to travel around Freeport before going back home.

Those who are searching for economical cruises to the Bahamas, a one day cruise might still prove to be fun and enjoyable. You can still enjoy the allure of the islands even for just a whole day. You can still roam around the city to shop and enjoy the scenery even for a limited period of time. Most likely you will still have the time to walk barefoot along the pristine beaches of the Grand Bahamas or laze around for a little while. Since your time to explore the island is limited, you will likely have a grand vacation since there are lots of entertainment aboard the Discovery cruise ship as you head for home.

Discounted Discovery cruise packages to the Bahamas allow their commuters to cruise to at least one island for an overnight exploration. In fact Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas is another one day cruise port of call which is just merely fifty miles off of Florida. This is where tourists mostly explore and shop on offshore. If you are simply looking for a little bit of relaxation, there are onboard pools, spas, media and fitness centers and live entertainment while on board the cruise ships.

Brief cruises to the Bahamas highlight several stimulating destinations with stopover either in Freeport, Grand Bahamas Island or Nassau because of its nearness to Florida. The ports offer lots of enjoyable excursions, tours, and land activities that introduce the native cuisine and customs of these places. The cruise ships permits their passengers to have a trek on the islands but you must stick within the scheduled activities offered by the cruise lines. Tourists realize that these cruises provide the best deals and bargains for their cash. These cruises work well with singles, families and group of friends.

The fun and excitement never ends even on a one day Bahamas cruise since Discovery cruise ships provide on board activities 24 hours everyday. From internet cafes, spas, casinos, live entertainment and other fun activities at the least rates. These cruises are a remarkable means to travel on cruise ships and experience everything they have to offer to their passengers.

World Travel – 100 Days Abroad (Part 2)

This second article in a series of articles titled “World Travel – 100 Days Abroad” includes tips and information from our vacation days in Rome…

Cashing traveller’s cheques

There are quite a few places advertising that they change traveller’s cheques. We had AMEX ones, as they do not attract any surcharges – $1000 means $1000. We went to the AMEX shop at the Spanish Steps. Never again. My recommendation: find another way to get cash. The queues in the AMEX shop were insane, and we checked a few others over the next few days in case we had just been unlucky – nope they were just as bad. We stood in line for an hour (it wasn’t a very long line – maybe 10 people in front of us). The aircon was hopeless too so we were standing, dripping, with a bunch of other hot smelly people, and the kids were not happy.

After all that wait, our transaction took about 3 mins.

Alternative ways to get cash

Wwe found that most ATM machines would happily allow us to withdraw cash from our credit cards. Even with a surcharge of $5-10, that still beats standing in that AMEX building!

The Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps always has heaps of people sitting on them. When we were there the building at the top had construction happening to it, so the view wasn’t very good for us. However, they are what you’d think – a flight of steps, so don’t expect too much! From there it’s a resonable walk to Piazza del Popolo, then the Villa Borghese, which is a park. That was very relaxing, there’s a gelato cart there, a lovely place to chill out for an hour or so.


Go early! We caught the train after breakfast, arriving about 10.30am, and I’d suggest an hour earlier whould have been much better. Follow the signs to the Musei Vaticani, if the queue is short, go for it. If the queue is long, consider that there are usually short (or no) queues after about 12pm. So go to St Peter’s first. There will be a queue there as well to go through the x-rays and clothes police, but it moves pretty quickly.

Tombs of the Popes. This is very interesting. There are a lot of popes buried here (but not all of them) and quite a few of the names we couldn’t read. The most special and emotional was, of course, Pope John Paul II.

As Pope John Paul II had died recently when we were there, they had 2 guards by it as people crowded around. They had a special area for praying. No flashes were allowed (although they didn’t seem to worry about this at any of the others). It was a very simple tomb, set into the ground, with candles lit beside, and some people had left flowers. Just around the corner was St Peter’s tomb. This also had a special praying area.

Back into the basilica, and the basilica’s museum (EUR5 each adult). Quite an interesting place, they have audio guides – you wear headphones and enter the number of the thing you’re looking at into a handset, and it talks to you about the item.

Outside, visit the Vatican Post Office to get some unique stamps for your postcards.

Vatican Museum: You may be approached by a tour guide at the basilica, who will offer to take you to the museum – when we were there the guide wanted EUR37each (including the entrance fee, EUR25 per adult for the tour), however they can’t jump the queue! They claim they can get into the basilica through “a back way”. We declined, so we have no feedback for you on that.

Inside the museum you head for the Sistine Chapel, following the signs. Don’t hold your breath: the signs don’t lead you immediately to the chapel, but took you through several other areas first. Take a camera! The ceilings of most of the rooms are very beautifully done, some with paintings, some with gold artwork.

After about 2 hours of wandering, you finally make it to the Sistine Chapel, along with about 1000 other people. It will be packed, hardly any room to move. You are not supposed to take photos, or videos and you are supposed to talk quietly. Of course with that many people, the talk is in fact quite loud and there are guards that keep shushing everyone. There are also guards running around stopping people from taking photos (probably only the ones who use flashes, or who are really obvious about taking their photos). A few people were escorted out – they probably hadn’t heeded the message. If you are suttle about it, the other tourists will make a wall around you so the guards don’t see. Funny how these things happen.

We spent about 20 minutes in the chapel. It was a lot smaller than I imagined it would be. While the art work was good, it wasn’t quite what we had expected. It took at least another half hour to get out of the museum (we kept stopping for photos).

To prepare for the next stage, we bought the Lonely Planet Italy book and the Michelin Guide – Hotels and Guesthouses for less than EUR100 (for a double room). Those books are excellent, if you have not pre-booked all your accommodation.

Final Thoughts…

One thing we noticed was the number of people with mobiles. Even the police who were guarding important things were talking or texting. The guards at the doors of St Peter’s were also concentrating more on their phones than what was going on! Great for a few photos, something to tell your friends about when you get home.

I’ll submit more articles over the coming weeks, with more tips and ideas about Eurolease (car leasing), Venice, Padua, Pisa (and more Italian highlights), France (various towns plus Paris), Disney (including our Caribbean cruise), Florida and Hawaii.