See New York City in One Day

You are going to need to some good energy to complete this tour in one day, so the first thing that you should to is to head over to H and H Bagels to get a great bagel. Bagels are just one of the things that you have to eat in New York, so start your day out with one. H and H bagels is located near the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum just east of the Theater District.

Your tour will then start with the World Trade Center sight. You should take the subway to Chambers Street. Exit ant then head down Church Street to approach the Trade Center site. On your way down Church Street, you will see a cross that is a memorial to 9/11. When I wrote this report, the area was still under construction so it is difficult to get a great view. Hopefully, it will be done soon. There is a church on Church Street called St Paul’s Chapel. You should check out this church because it was used as a center for relief efforts after 9/11. Once you have seen the church, head back North up Church Street and then turn left on Vesey and head west. This will take you north along the World Trade Center Grounds. Make the first left you can and then look for an entrance to the World Financial Center and take the steps up to the second floor where you can get a great view of the World Trade Center Sight.

Once you are done, exit out the World Financial Center and continue south to Liberty Street and then make a right and head west. You should find your way over to the Hudson River and then walk south along the path right next to the Hudson River. This path gives you a great view of the Hudson River, the statue of liberty and Ellis Island. When you arrive at the end you can head into Battery Park to get the best view of the Statute of Liberty without taking a tour. Also check out Fort Clinton, while you are in Battery Park. This fort was used during the War of 1812. On the way out of the park check out World Trade Center sphere which is a memorial to 9/11. After checking out Battery Park, head up Place Street to an area called Bowling Green. On the south side of this little park is the Customs Building. Walk through the park to the North and on the north side is the Bull Statue from the NYSE. Once you see the bull, you should walk up Broadway to Wall Street. Before heading down Wall Street, you can check out Trinity Church and then head down Wall Street to see the NYSE and also Federal Hall National Memorial to see where George Washington took the oath to become president.

After seeing the Federal Hall National Memorial, you should continue east down Wall Street to South Street and then head north along South Street along the East River. You will come to the Seaport Historic District and head over to Pier 17, which is basically a shopping mall, so do not spend much time here except go up to the top level where you can get a great view of the Brooklyn Bridge. Once you see the Brooklyn Bridge, you should head west along Fulton Street and make a right on St James Place. Walk north along St James Place to Bowery Street. You will now be in Chinatown. You can wander around Chinatown and look for some good deals. You may be ready for lunch so either eat Chinese in Chinatown or walk a little further North to Little Italy to get some pizza or an Italian Sandwich.

Once you are done with lunch, you can jump on the subway. You can take it to the Empire State Building where you can get a great view of the city. You can skip this and wait for your sky view until you arrive at Rockefeller Center where you can go up to the top of the Rockefeller Building which will also afford you another great view of the city.

Once you are done with the Empire State Building, get back on the subway and head up to Grand Central Station to get a quick view of this magnificent train terminal. Once you have check out Grand Central Station, get back on the subway and head up to 86 street. From here you can either check out the art museums on the east side of Central Park or you can walk through Central Park and check out the Natural History Museum. When you are done with the art museums, take a stroll through Central Park so you can see this magnificent park. Once you are on the west side of the park, grab a subway train and head to Rockefeller Center.

In Rockefeller Center, you can check out NBC or go up to the top of the Rockefeller Center Building. If it is Christmas, you can check out the Christmas Tree and the skating rink. Once you are done at Rockefeller Center, walk down Seventh Avenue so that you can enjoy Times Square. After touring Times Square, grab the subway and head to Greenwich Village for dinner and maybe hit one of the bars for some live music.